The Pulse of Service

Empowering One Child at a Time

Jason Lapene, driven by compassion and dedication, has committed his life to supporting Children’s Healthcare and St. Jude’s Hospital. While real estate is his occupation, philanthropy is the true calling of his heart. He donates a significant share of his earned commissions to these esteemed organizations, reflecting his enduring commitment to enhancing the lives of children afflicted with serious health conditions.

Jason's mission carries a personal resonance, having experienced firsthand the trials endured by these children and their families. He endured the heart-wrenching loss of his cherished daughter, Natalia Lapene, to Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, and his brave son continues to grapple with Type 1 Diabetes every day. The Children's Hospital has been a lighthouse in the tempest for Lapene's family, delivering exceptional care and support in their darkest hours.

His relationship with Children’s Healthcare and St. Jude’s Hospital extends beyond monetary support. He shares a deep bond with all families navigating similar challenges, and this empathy fuels his philanthropic endeavors, driving him to ensure no child is left without the necessary resources to wage their health battles. By allocating a portion of his real estate commission for donations, Jason not only pays forward to the community but also keeps his late daughter, Natalia's memory alive. Each donation symbolizes her spirit and resilience and serves as a beacon of hope for other children and families confronting similar adversities.

Jason Lapene's philanthropic efforts resonate with his conviction that every child deserves a fair chance in their health battle. His contributions to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and St. Jude’s Hospital are more than financial assistance; they symbolize unity and hope to families caught in such harsh circumstances. It's not merely a donation; it's a mission borne out of personal loss, blossoming into a beacon of hope for many. This endeavor is more than charity; it's a testament to human resilience and the power of generosity.

When you choose to work with Jason Lapene, you don't just get exceptional real estate services. You join a cause that makes a significant impact by aiding the children who need it most. Together, we possess the power to effect change and kindle hope in those who feel they are facing insurmountable challenges alone.