Our Marketing Approach

Jason Lapene’s exceptional marketing plan and internet search engine optimization expertise is above and beyond what other real estate firms might be able to offer you. By listing your home with a real estate agent from Jason Lapene Real Estate, you ensure that the property will be seen by more potential buyers, real estate agents representing buyers, and real estate brokers than a simple listing on realtor.com.

Our services are incomparable to other firms as we offer:

Superior Internet Placement

Almost all buyers begin their search for a new home utilizing the internet. Regretfully, most real estate firms simply do not have the experience or expertise that Jason Lapene has that ensures your home is listed on numerous websites with some of the highest search engine rankings possible. Look for your home listing at the top— not buried deep on page 6 of a Google search.

Enhanced Marketing and Promotion

Creating the best listing description for your home is a talent. Jason Lapene agents are eloquent and inviting as they describe your home and its special features to potential buyers. Combine our terminology with professional photographs that will accentuate the designer attributes of your home and you have a listing that will sell your home.

Unparalleled Customer Service for Buyers and Sellers

Our real estate agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clients and potential buyers. Losing a potential sale because your agent was not available to speak to a buyer is not acceptable—and Jason Lapene will not stand for that lack of service to you, our client. We are always a call or an email away no matter what time of day.

Invaluable Exposure on JasonSellsATL.com

The JasonSellsATL.com website is one of the most informative and comprehensive real estate firm sites in Atlanta. With special focus on specific neighborhoods, condominiums, lofts, and city areas, your home will be well detailed and promoted via our website. In addition, you will be able to login using our secure interface to review the most up-to-date details on your sales process including comments made by other realtors who have visited the property and how many potential buyers have recently viewed information about your home.

Jason Lapene’s marketing team is comprised of the most dedicated, strategic, and knowledgeable individuals when it comes to selling a home in Atlanta. Our close partnerships with some of the most well-known internet search sites and periodicals will make promoting and selling your home as easy as a mouse click.