List With Jason

At Jason Lapene Real Estate, our marketing plan ensures that you get the maximum exposure of your home while being represented by an agent who truly understand how to protect your interest in a contract.


We will consult with you on the current market conditions and prepare a competitive market analysis so we can get an idea of what you can expect to get from the sale of your home. We will also take this time to walk your property and give you our recommendations on what improvements to make to ensure you home is in the best showing condition during our listing engagement.


Now it’s time to take your listing live to the market. First, we will arrange for our professional photographer to capture your home in its best light. This is a crucial step as buyers won’t ever step foot into your home, if they are not drawn to it online. Second, we will reach out to our database of buyers through our social media platform and introduce your listing as an opportunity about to hit the market. We leverage our relationships and build marketing campaigns to further promote the presence of your home. Due to our websites position in the search engines, your home will be seen my thousand of potential buyers daily. We also syndicate and push your listing to over a thousand websites, including Zillow, Trulia and Third, we will place our for-sale sign and lockbox at your home. We will work with you and utilize an application called Showing Time. Showing Time is a convenient way for you to communicate with buyer agents on your availability to show your home. With a simple text message, you can confirm or reschedule a showing request. This entire period of time will be closely managed by us, and you will be given weekly updates with regards to the status of the listing.

Offers and Contract

It is our goal to present you with as many offers as possible. One of our core strengths is that we are able to foresee potential contract issues before they happen. We will give you our recommendations on what needs to be changed to protect your interest in the transaction. After we have an agreement with the buyer, we will have a finalized contract. This contract will be with specific terms and dates that must be followed. We will ensure that all parties are in compliance of the contract as we move towards the closing date.

Dealing with inspections

Most sellers fear the inspection. The issues that can be found during the inspection can break a deal, if not handled correctly. With all our years in the business, we know exactly how to respond to a not so great inspection report and can come up with solution that will be satisfactory for everyone. It’s imperative that you have an expert who can guide you through this stage of the deal.


Closing is the time to finalize the agreement between you and the buyer. All conditions and terms of the agreement will be met and reviewed by the closing attorney. The closing will take place at a real estate attorneys office. The attorney typically represents the lender unless it is an all cash transaction. It’s important to go over the closing disclosure carefully and make sure all credits and prorations are correct. Once everything is approved, all parties will sign, and the buyer will acknowledge the delivery of the deed.