Rotunda Condos

Tchoupitoulas St., which runs from the Central Business District to Audubon Park, derives its name from an ancient Indian tribe. The street is rich in historical variety, because along with the rest of the Arts District, it used to contain large shipping warehouses before it was converted to residential and retail use. Along with the condominiums that have Tchoupitoulas as their home address, Emeril’s Restaurant graces this fine thoroughfare.

Living at the Rotunda

Rotunda Condominiums were converted from the original warehouse, which was built prior to 1910 as a grocery company. There are one, two, and three bedroom units, along with the townhouse style units mentioned above. Rotunda offers a large living space and abundant storage. There are 68 units, with oversize windows and skylights. The high ceilings and crown molding add to the condominium appeal here. In addition to the finer details, Rotunda offers practical benefits such as washers and dryers in every unit.

The New Orleans Arts District Association offers annual events that celebrate the way of life in this community. There is usually at least one event per month, such as the Art Walk, where residents take to the sidewalks to appreciate and enjoy the society of each other and the art they live with on a daily basis.

The art galleries near Rotunda on Julia St. offer a wide selection of styles within the genre of modern and contemporary art. One unique gallery is Harlequin Photography Studio & Fine Art, which highlights New Orleans scenery.

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