Mandeville Real Estate

Mandeville, which is a key city in St. Tammany Parish, nestles the shoreline of the Lake, and boasts of many restaurants and shops with the flavor of a seaside community. A desirable location by many, Mandeville boasts of condos and homes, gated communities with amenities, and neighborhoods within walking or biking distance of the bookstore, coffee-shop, or health club. Many team members of the New Orleans Saints and the Hornets choose to live in this community. Residents of Mandeville may attend schools in the St. Tammany Parish School System, including Fontainebleau High School, Fontainebleau Junior High School, Lake Harbor Middle, Magnolia Trace Elementary, and Mandeville Elementary.

Living in Mandeville

The Northshore is known for its wildlife and outdoor beauty. In Mandeville, one may enjoy Fountainbleu State Park, which offers both trails for exploring and beachfront for relaxing. The Park also hosts festivals and events such as the Mandeville Seafood Festival, held each year since 1978. Local cuisine, entertainment, rides, and fireworks are a recipe for celebration of the coastal Louisiana heritage of the community. Mandeville is like a collage of bright colors mixed with the blues, browns and greys of the bayou: the trees and foliage, characteristic southern live oaks, and magnolias all contribute to its beauty, a life to be enjoyed to the full.

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