Madisonville Real Estate

Along with Mandeville and Covington, Madisonville forms a triad of cities in St. Tammany Parish that offer a prime location for raising a family. Majestic homes with white pillars, fishing camp dwellings in the bayou, and waterfront townhomes and condos all offer a setting from which to be part of the fabric of this community. Madisonville Elementary, Madisonville Junior High, and Mandeville High School are among the St. Tammany Schools that serve this neighborhood. Locals enjoy spending the evening at such dining venues as Keith Young’s Steakhouse, which boasts of its quality seafood and prime location in downtown Madisonville on the water.

Living in Madisonville

One way Madisonville celebrates the importance of water to life in Louisiana, whether it be the salt water of the Lake or the Gulf, or the many fresh water bayous and inlets, is through the Wooden Boat Festival, held in October this year. The boat festival is sponsored by the Lake Ponchartrain Basin Maritime Museum and a highlight of the event is the boat parade on the water. The festival showcases the Louisiana heritage of wooden boats, one type of which is traditionally called the pirogue, a light-weight flat bottom boat that is good for use in the swamp or close to shore. Nature lovers will also enjoy Fairview Riverside State Park, located in Madisonville. The park is located on the bank of the Tchefuncte River, and is a favorite spot of residents to engage in fresh water fishing and find relaxation from the heat of the sun under the live oaks.

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