Harahan Real Estate

When one remembers the good times of childhood, an image of Harahan comes to mind. There are lazy residential streets where boys ride bikes and plan trips to the gas station and snow ball stand. Robears snow ball and soft-serve has been serving the locals tasty treats for over 25 years. Soniat Playground provides recreation in the afternoon when there isn’t a 3 o’clock rain shower. Zea Rotisserie Grill on Hickory Ave. offers locals a spot to break for lunch or a celebratory dinner at the end of the day.

Living in Harahan

Large family homes, green yards, and friendly streets characterize Harahan. In the afternoon when it does rain, the steam rises off the street and catches the tropical scent of flowers mixed with magnolia, pecan, and citrus. Real estate here consist of modern homes, bungalows with clay Spanish tile roofing, duplexes, and condos are scattered on either side of Jefferson Hwy., which cuts down the center of Harahan. One side of the city is on the levee, and the other borders River Ridge going toward Metairie. Harahan offers convenient access to all parts of Greater New Orleans. River Road is a convenient way to arrive at Jefferson and the Garden District. The Huey P. Long Bridge connects Harahan to the West Bank and Lakeside Mall and the Causeway are a 10 minutes drive. A close knit community and life-long memories wait in the neighborhood of Harahan.

If you are interested in Harahan real estate or homes for sale, please contact Jason Lapene.

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