Carrolton Real Estate

Some of one’s finest memories may take place in Carollton. On the far end of the Garden District, there are many Victorian homes mixed among Creole cottages and shotguns. The live oaks provide ample shade for pedestrians on hot summer days, as they make their way to Plum St. to partake of the famous snowballs. After a snowball, one may hop a street car and enjoy the sights of Tulane and Loyola Universities, as well as Audubon Park. Joggers take advantage of the sights and paths both in the neighborhood and along the levee.

Living in Carrolton

Carollton is a fine destination for those seeking quaint restaurants and bars of every culture, for here one may find all of the national cuisines that mingle in the City. There are sidewalk cafés and neighborhood breakfast nooks where one may enjoy coffee and a newspaper on Sunday morning. Carollton is a quiet neighborhood. The large homes stand stately by, as if rendered timeless, for the high ground on which Carollton is built have preserved the community many times. Carollton offers homes in close proximity to the Universities and many Orleans Parish public and private schools. Serving the University community, Carollton offers in addition to the historic Victorians, many homes and condos that are ideal for student living. The ambience of the neighborhood makes it an attractive address for those with an intellectual bent.

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