I am writing this blog post to give notice to other real estate agents and brokers that NOLA Realty is a Service Mark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Recently, I have had to file lawsuits in Federal Court to address this issue. First and foremost, any use of the words NOLA Realty in business is strictly prohibited. No one may use the words NOLA Realty in any manner. You may not add a word to the end of it or in the beginning and think that it’s different. Why? Because when it comes to Trademarks and Service Marks, there is a term called likelihood of confusion. Please see for a strong explanation of what this means.

I have trademarked NOLA Realty, and I intend to protect our rights. Any authorized use of NOLA Realty will be vigorously prosecuted.

I am flattered that many other agents and brokers like our name and approach to the real estate business in New Orleans, however, I have a duty to police my mark, and I will do exactly that.

This blog post is not intended for any buyers or sellers in the market place.

For more information about licensing or franchising a NOLA Realty office, please contact our New Orleans Trademark Attorney:

Romi Gonzalez, Attorney
(504) 581-2000

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